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We love kids! It would be our honor to take care of them Sunday morning!


Our mission is two-fold; to equip our children with a strong biblical foundation and to lead them into a deep, intimate relationship with God. Once they are empowered by the truth of God’s love, we desire to see them step boldly into the world He has created for them to spread the good news with grace and without fear.


We offer a staffed Nursery and a Pre-school class during the message for children under 5.  After worship, parents can take their children to their class and then pick them up after the service.  Mothers who need a space to nurse are also welcome.


We offer classes for children K - 5th Grade.  After worship, the kids have a "mass exodus" to their class.  The teachers will use music, crafts, games, storytelling, and other activities to help our children develop their relationship with God.

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